Re-Space: Nature’s Empire

We asked one of Perth’s most successful furniture retailers to take a raw Heirloom loft space and show us what they could do with it. 

Empire created a wonderfully textured treat that adds warmth to the space through the use of raw, natural materials that complement and contrast beautifully with the patina of the warehouse.

During some downtime on the shoot, we managed to ask Megan Meares and Emma Hawtrey, Empire’s head stylists to talk us through their approach to the space.

How would you describe the Empire style? 

At Empire we like to pay respect to our relaxed, coastal Western Australian lifestyle and create a style that is completely unique to our way of life. 
We want our customers to be inspired when entering our stores by our complimentary collection of homewares and furniture. Our style at Empire is uniquely brought together by a down to earth attitude and a passion to find distinctive and thoughtful pieces. 

How did you approach this shoot?

For this shoot we chose beautiful Australia products, and paired them with pieces we have collected from around the world, to create a space that was flooded with light and felt contemporary and welcoming. 
We wanted to create layers of interest that can really appeal to people’s senses. 

Describe your ideal space to style? 

When styling a space it’s the bones of the building structure that create a unique outcome.
With the beautiful natural light and layers of interest within the building, the Heirloom loft apartments were just effortless to style.